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  • Michael Morales was born in Oakland Ca. in 1952(Never grew up)
  • He first learned to play the piano at age 8.(Never got any better)
  • His first song written at age 9 was “I Love To Walk You Down The Street”(Never published)
  • Majored in Music at Mt. Angel College in Oregon and College of San Mateo in San Mateo Ca.(Never graduated)
  • Joined a traveling band called Crossroads through out the Northwest for 5 years as a singer and keyboardist(Never knew the band folded)
  • Joined a Seattle band called Chaser and played keyboards and sang in the band for 2 years.(Never inhaled second hand smoke)
  • Got married to his wife Debbie in 1981 and has 3 boys. Jesse, Kaelan and Daniel.(Never knew what hit him)
  • 25 yrs later decided to play music again and learned to play the guitar like so many other baby boomers who couldn’t afford a little red sports car. (Never knew Taylor’s were good guitars’).
  • Currently singing and playing songs spawned from the ”I Love To Walk You Down The Street” childhood days.